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Bed and Breakfast B&B - 3 miles from M5 in Devon - Perfect for Exeter, Tiverton & Cullompton
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Existing Bookings
We are closed until Monday 17th May 2021 when all existing bookings will stand from that date.
Should the regulations change we will email or phone you to update you
Contact details of the primary guest will be held for test and trace purposes. The NHS Test and Trace QR code will be displayed for guests to scan using the NHS Covid – 19 App should you wish. No deposit will be taken for new bookings and if guests have to cancel because of Covid, there will be no charge except if the room has been used.

Our cleaning standards have been updated to include a new risk based approach.
See risk assessment
Hand sanitiser can be found in the hall on arrival and in all guests rooms. This is to be used before entering the dining room for breakfast.

Social Distancing and Wearing of Masks
We ask that you adhere to the 2 metre social distancing rules throughout your stay.
Guests will be required to wear masks on arrival and in communal areas. They are not required when seated in the dining room.

Breakfast Service
Breakfast times will be staggered to ensure social distancing is maintained. This will be arranged with you upon arrival.
There will be no buffet. There will be a menu and guests will order food and it will be brought to the table.

Check In and Check Out
To ensure social distancing guests will be asked estimated time of arrival and the key of your room will be in the door of your bedroom with the front door key attached. It will be sanitised before your arrival. If you require assistance please ring the bell in the hallway. Check out: and Air b & b guests will have paid prior to arrival. Other guests may pay cash on leaving or cheque. Please leave your key in the bedroom door

Guests Health
It is essential that you d not travel if you are unwell or are showing any Covid 19 symptoms.
If you develop suspected symptoms during your stay we ask that your leave immediately and return home and get a test
Any other guests staying will be notified.
Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Risk assessment 

Company name:  Weir Mill Farm Bed and Breakfast     Assessment carried out by:  Rita Parish    

Date of next review:  Feb. 2022     Date assessment was carried out:  Feb. 2021    

What are the hazards?

Who might be harmed and how?

What are you already doing to control the risks?

What further action do you need to take to control the risks?

Who needs to carry out the action?

When is the action needed by?






Infection of Legionella from standing water while the property is empyty    

 Throughout the period the building was empty the following procedure was carried out on a weekly basis

All toilets flushed

All kitchen, bath and hand basin taps run for two minutes to let both hot and cold water to pass through

All showers run for two minutes    

  Before reopening all shower heads will be at least an hour in a sterlising solution    


 Before reopening    


    Guest Arrival and check ins

Person to person contact during COVID 19 pandemic 




Pre- Arrival - Send details of Covid 19 measures and protocols to guests on confirmation of booking

Ask lead guest or booker to provide contact details for all members of the party tracing purposes

Consider asking guests to sign a declaration confirming no pre-existing Covid 19 symptoms 

Consider allocating specific guest arrival times

On arrival

Greet guest while maintaining recommended social distancing guidelines. Explain protocols that wil be in place for the duration of the stay.     





 April 2021


At Point of booking/during booking confirmation

Monitor on reopening to determine if the measure is necessary  









     Person to person contact during COVID 19 pandemic




Becoming infected with COVID19 and further spread the infection     

 Owner and staff already know they must not come to work if they have symptoms of CoronaSvirus or if anyone in their household has symptoms of Coronavirus    

     Staff required to wash their hands on arrival at work and after each task throughout the working day.

If any member of staff develops symptoms while at work they will be sent home ad advised to follow the latest Government guidance




Guests not maintaining social distancing with the house    

Person to person contact during COVID 19 pandemic 





 Appropriate signage throughout the building reminding guests of social distancing requirements

Hand sanitising stations at entry and exit point





  Breakfast Service

Person to person contact during COVID 19 pandemic   





  A specific dining table will be allocated to each room for the duration of each stay

At busy times guests will be allocated time for breakfast to stagger flow of guests through communal areas between bedroom and dining rooms. 

Tables will be set at Government recommended social distancing guidelines.

Breakfast will be on a pre-ordered basis only

No self-service items will be available

Pre-ordered breakfast items will be taken to the guests a their allocated tables.

All used crockery, cutlery and utensils to be cleaned in dishwaster

Serving staff to wash their hands after each task.

Kitchen and serving staff to wear appropriate PPE    





Rita Parish
Weir Mill Farm
Jaycroft, Willand, Nr Cullompton,
Devon EX15 2RE
Tel 01884 820803
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